Eliminates up to 99.99% of native bacteria & enveloped viruses
Also disinfects under fingernails and jewellery
Only 8 seconds per application
Made in Germany
Dimensions: 27 x 33 x 24 cm
Weight: 5.3 kg (incl. power supply and filled tank)
Consumption: 2.3 W (standby), max. 43W (operating)
Water tank range (500 ml): 2,000 applications
Optional accessories: caster or wall mount
Scope of delivery: PLASMOHAND, power supply unit, filled water tank (500 ml), valve cap

World Novelty For Fully Automatic Hand Disinfection In Only 8 Seconds


Unlike alcohol-based disinfectants, PLASMO®HAND preserves the skin’s hydrolipid barrier. The hands remain supple and skin irritations are avoided. The procedure is alcohol-free. No greasy residue remains on the hands, so a glove can be put on immediately if necessary. Employees therefore no longer drop out due to skin damage.



PLASMO®HAND works automatically and is effective independently of the user. Errors in the application are avoided. Errors in the application are thus avoided. The patented cold plasma aerosol is also effective on wet or damp hands.



PLASMO®HAND only requires operating water, ambient air and electricity for disinfection. The refillable water tank also avoids plastic waste and only needs to be refilled after 2,000 applications. Therefore, a lot of money is saved in the long term compared to classic alcohol-based disinfection. The process is resource-saving. Moreover, the production of PLASMO®HAND takes place in Germany. This ensures the shortest possible transport routes and local jobs.


Plasmo®hand - the Innovation With Cold Plasma

Hold hands in the
hand chambers

The disinfection process starts automatically.

Plasmo®hand - the Innovation With Cold Plasma

Wait 8 seconds

Remove hands after the signal tone.

Plasmo®hand - the Innovation With Cold Plasma

Complete! The hands are disinfected

Also under the fingernails and under jewelry.

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